A Junior level Graphic Designer with a passion for typography and layout design. Despite this specific interest, my skills are flexible and have been combined to be utilised within print processes, web structures and promotional material which have ensured me to be a well rounded and knowledgeable graphic designer. 

Onscreen Magazine
Having a keen interest in cinema, Onscreen gave me the opportunity to work in an industry I was truly passionate about. I worked on two of the magazine issues which taught me a great deal about the logistics of the production of a magazine and how important attention to detail can be. I was trusted with a great amount of responsibility to design and lay the magazine whilst the senior designer was working on setting up Onscreen’s sister design studio, Onbrand. Check out the
November/December Issue
A 4 week internship at branding agency, Mammal. It was an excellent opportunity to further my skills in a digital branding studio learning and collaborating with professional creatives.
The Architecture Centre
A Live Brief advertising and branding the event Bauhaus Goes West. The talk featured Bauhaus historian Alan Powers and Pentagram's Sascha Lobe celebrating 100 years of the Bauhaus and it's influence on the West of the world.